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 ELA Curriculum K-8 (pdf)
 K-8 Math 2017 (pdf)
 K-8 Social Studies 2017 (pdf)
 K-8 PE-Health 2017 (pdf)
 K-8 Music 2017 (pdf)
 K-8 Art 2017 (pdf)
 K-8 Science 2017 (pdf)
 K-8 Computer Curriculum 2017 (pdf)
 Gifted and Talented Curriculum (pdf)
 Library (pdf)
 Character Ed Curriculum (pdf)
 Cross Content Workplace Readiness Curriculum (pdf)
 Spanish Curriculum (pdf)
 Tech Lab Curriculum (pdf)

NJ Student Learning Standards (NJSLS)


The Hopewell Crest School District utilizes a 7-year curriculum cycle. Each year different subject areas are in development. Subjects that are not in a development year are constantly being monitored and adjusted to reflect ongoing changes in state and national standards.

To the left are the individual curricula that pertain the the indiviual subject/academic areas.  Each have been approved by the Hopewell Crest School Board of Education and are used within the classrooms at Hopewell Crest School.

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