Upcoming Events
Wed Feb 18
Review, Blockings pgs 51-71, Scenes 7-9, Add Music until 3:50pm
Girls BB game (H)4pm
Thu Feb 19
Jerseymen Meeting re:NY trip LIB 2:15-2:45
Choreography, Entire Cast, Finale, I'm a Believer, Review Morning, Person,
Freak Flag, Duloc, Story of my Life.
Boys BB game @ Port Norris (6812 Brown St., Port Norris)
Cohansey Chaos Practice GYM 6-7:30pm
Girl Scout Troop #51004 APR 6:30-7:45pm
Fri Feb 20
CRHS Course selections for 8th Graders 8a-12:30pm
Joy Club 2 & 3rd grades(McChesney/VanMeter)LIB
4-6th(Chroniger) room 178 until 3pm
Cohansey Cheetahs GYM 5:30-6:30pm
Honor Society/Student Council DANCE APR 7-9:30pm
Sat Feb 21
Jerseymen Trip to New York City 7am-10pm
Mon Feb 23
Art Club room 176 2:10-3pm
Blocking (dialog) pgs. 82-103 Scenes 10-12 until 3:30
Cohansey Crusaders GYM 6-7:30pm
Girl Scouts Bello Troop APR 6:15-7:30pm
Tue Feb 24
Soaring Savings Bank APR 8:05-8:45a
GT grade 4 room 140 until 3:15pm East End p/u
Choreography, Travel Song, Make a Move, Morning Person, Forever til 4pm
PTA Monthly Mtg. LIB 7-8:30pm
Wed Feb 25
Review, Blocking w/music (entire cast),scenes 10-12 til 3:50p
Girls BB game (H) 4pm
Boys BB game 4pm @ Stow Creek (11 Gum Tree Road)